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Application: The Significance of the Passage Simply put, this section should answer the question "What difference does it make?

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Am I glossing over problems of interpretation simply because I do not really understand the passage? The papers will not be able to show all of the exegetical work and analysis you have done; however, the conclusions should reflect the work. This translated name of Leviticus is important since it shows believers how to follow and keep a relationship with God.

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Mark 6: is an example of a miracle story with a message that can impact many. Selected Further Research Using your best judgment, decide what two or three outstanding questions will likely contribute the most to your understanding of the particular unit. These narrated events are in a chronological sequence Barton However, some passages will require more specific data than others. When you write your exegetical paper, you should include some analysis of the overarching themes present in the text. Am I ignoring a particular interpretation because it does not fit within my ideas? Exegetical papers seek to uncover meaning in a text by looking at external factors not necessarily intrinsic to the text. The Structure and Composition of the Text Structure: This is an analysis of the physical organization of the unit.

The aim here is to begin hearing the text on its own terms. Analyze the themes of the text.

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In most cases, this will not play a large role in the exegesis since most scholars have become pessimistic about their ability accurately to connect genre with a Sitz im Leben. It should be one usage to which the particular passage can be applied in the life and ministry of the church. The book is dated between AD70 and AD Do not include here a lot of descriptive historical material. Calvin, Luther, 17thth century commentators should not be ignored, particularly for theological insight on the text. The chapter is constructed of various letters that were written to address issues in churches throughout the land. James begins by describing the overall traits of the walk of faith. These should be short, concise statements of the theological dimensions of the text. Sociologists use this approval in order to understand the social environment around us.

For instance, Greek has four words for love that refer to different types of love, whereas English only has one word for love. Mode of Inquiry What you're after is the text's meaning, not your own, so go slowly. How does the passage fit into the flow of thought of the preceding and following passages?

The reader of the paper should be left with the impression not that the student has done something new or different with the text but has understood it well, including mirroring such things as its aesthetics or lack thereof and problems. No one is good but God alone.

These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts.

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Introduction: The aim of social scientific criticism, as a subfield of biblical exegesis, is to study the biblical materials as a reflection of their cultural setting. It is true that even for the Psalms you should be looking at your unit as one would a single frame in a movie; it has a role to play within its broader context which constitutes a story or argument.

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Guidelines for Writing an Exegetical Paper