Writing a blog post title ideas

What else do the gurus do to come up with their wonderfully high-performing and attention-grabbing titles?

travel blog post titles

Image Source: Media Planet 8. Remember what I said about influencers? Are there buzzwords or industry-specific lingo that apply to them? The article also has an appeal for more experienced members, who can use the article as a refresher or even as a teaching aide.

This is a pretty thin title as it stands, so as you can imagine, its power comes from what you choose to fill in.

The result is a huff, roll of the eyes and closed tab before they even register the name of the brand. How to headlines — This is a simple option, but a good one. People are always striving for more efficiency.

Pictures taken from — Pixabay. It's your golden ticket to increased traffic and wider audience. People are crazy about them, and are always looking for new ones to follow and listen to. Never lie or embellish the title just to get clicks.

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10 Tips for Creating Great Blog Titles