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Surprisingly the task did not result too hard to accomplice. One final word on CAS: there is no way of getting around the fact that it represents an impersonal accountability system for personal growth. This was shown since the day I joined the "Awareness Committee".

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At the very end of the CAS program, a student will need to write a summary reflection looking back on everything they completed, considering how completely the essential outcomes were achieved. Finding new activities to pursuit and accomplished definitively helped me to push my limits and exit that comfort zone I was laying in. After all, art is not only beneficial for the artist, but also for the observer of that art. Students may show their knowledge and awareness by building on a previous experience or by launching a new idea or process. Surprisingly, as time was passing by and we came to know each other better, I noticed a change in her and a change in the character of our interaction. If these 3 general points are being met, then in general, it can count for CAS to a certain extent. Or someone who hates his job will move to another city, only to get the exact same kind of hated job. I have shown this journal to certain teachers and friends, and I have submitted several of them to Mosaic. The challenge was to find something doable, enjoyable and interesting for both the kids and us. It can give you the self-confidence to take on a bigger project or to use more of your skills. Perhaps the biggest reason that CAS or similar soul-searching-by-policy programs are so disliked is that they remind us how big the difference is between the ideal we have for the way we'd like to be and who we daily choose to be. It now contains about 30 works. Other questions to ask could be: How successful was I in achieving my goals? On every side were loneliness, love, struggle, joy, death, dignity, injustice, need and concern.

In there I discovered a whole new world, I experienced my first real job, and I saw myself becoming much more responsible. How many sessions have I missed? The portfolios will be archived by the College. Initially I was scared and intimidated by the great responsibility I had over my shoulders, but with some organization and communication with the coaches I managed to learn the tricks.

How can I apply what I have learned in other life situations?

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This is true not only for your attitude towards the activity but also for how you communicate with your fellow students and how you react to the final outcome of the activity. Every time I find myself in front of kids that experienced great changes in their life, considering their young age.

People can learn from experience.

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