Write around the toon book

Jane Austen, obviously!

Write around the toon book

Cappadocia in Turkey! I mean, I am very lucky that that what I love is commercial too, so I can make a decent living out of it. I always write from beginning to end. The stories and illustrations are brilliant. I can't say enough about these fantastic books. And I thought, well, that would work really well as a teenage title. This time I actually really did try to do that because there were quite a few characters.

They were just so nice and so much fun and really kind, genuine guys. I hope more than anything that they connect to Angie and her story and that they enjoy going on her journey with her. Because I tend to write all of my books in real time. It just goes to show you can really make a difference if you try really hard.

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You think about it for a year or thereabouts. Likewise, with Thirteen Weddings, I did end up writing a sequel to that, as well. There's even a darkness to some of Henrietta's storytelling that feels more real than just pictures of ponies and unicorns. Sometimes I realize that there are hundreds of thousands of people reading my books and when that sinks in, it kind of makes my brains explode a bit.

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We know that teachers are the frontline for identifying what works in the classroom and that you see firsthand what makes a child's eyes light up when he or she learns something new. Funnily enough, this film sparked off my initial idea, which shows ideas really can come from anywhere, even Disney movies! When her long-suffering grandmother passes away, Angie, her sole carer, is finally set free, with the whole world laid out before her Paige So I have a rolling deadline, that all of my books have to be delivered at the end of November. I kept on the full time job in Heat at the time and if I had a quiet moment in work, occasionally I might have been doing a little bit of writing. Angie has wanted to travel her entire life. And a three-part spin off series for young adults. The best thing about being an author is being able to create your own little movie inside your head. If you could go anywhere, where would you go and why? If you were planning a literary dinner party, which three authors dead or alive would you invite?
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