The three main structural problems with the senate in canada

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Free of the constraints imposed by constituency duties, Senators are able to devote more time to committee work. One issue is the degree of control exercised by government. Senators Senators are appointed by the governor general on the advice of the prime minister.

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The criteria for appointment to the Senate will be " The Role of the Government Leader in the Senate If the work and recommendations of special committees of the Senate are to have any success, the role of Government Leader in the Senate, which was officially given status as a ministerial office in , is an important factor. The Governor General may dissolve Parliament and call a general election outside of these fixed dates, conventionally on the advice of the prime minister, which may be preceded by a successful motion of no confidence. A Supportive Government An obvious factor in the success of special committees was the receptive attitude of government. Respected voices are listened to and taken seriously. The new majority of Independent senators would agree to pass most legislation in a reasonably expeditious manner. The Senate cannot initiate money bills taxes or expenditures. Privileges[ edit ] Parliament possesses a number of privileges, collectively and accordingly known as parliamentary privilege , each house being the guardian and administrator of its own set of rights. Bills are read three times in the Commons as well as in the Senate. Small state Senators characterised equal state Senate representation as a discernible benefit to their states. This negative refrain, broken by only the occasional defending voice, has generated growing demands that the Senate be reformed in order to correct its perceived faults. Senators are well placed to ensure that policy recommendations are not forgotten. In particular, a member of either house cannot be sued for slander based on words uttered in the course of parliamentary proceedings, the only restraint on debate being set by the standing orders of each house.

Reform but not Election I started out as an advocate of an elected Senate and on one occasion shortly after my appointment, I spoke about it in this chamber. This continuity and consistency has allowed the Senate to become the corporate memory of Parliament.

This raises the matter of public perceptions. The results of the poll, according to Gallup, reflected "the public attitude towards an institution that is perceived by many to have outlived its usefulness.

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Appearing before the Commons Government Operations and Estimates Committee, Professor Paul Thomas, for example, has noted that the Senate does useful work with the estimates,1 focusing on an aspect of parliamentary business that, although dull and complex, is essential to the promotion of sound and responsible governance. In particular, a member of either house cannot be sued for slander based on words uttered in the course of parliamentary proceedings, the only restraint on debate being set by the standing orders of each house. The results of these elections are non-binding, and only prime ministers Brian Mulroney and Stephen Harper have appointed senators that had won these elections. Editorials in newspapers across Canada called the report "misleading," "inaccurate," and "superficial. Structure The normal membership of the Senate now totals Liberal and especially National Party Senators make vigorous public and more often private representations on behalf of distinctive state concerns such as the wine industry in South Australia, grazier and timber interests in Tasmania, and the sugar industry in Queensland. When it gained independence Nigeria adopted holus-bolus the British parliamentary system. Then as now, Canada was challenged by an uneven population distribution. The bill may also be committed to the Committee of the Whole , a body consisting of, as the name suggests, all the members of the chamber in question. Finally, the bill could be referred to an ad hoc committee established solely to review the piece of legislation in question. Australian Senators generally agreed with academic and press observers that their Senate performs the first three of these functions especially scrutiny and review quite well, largely through its committee system.

Kinsella The Senate plays a critical role in the form and function of the Canadian Parliament. Over 60 per cent of our people now inhabit just two provinces, Ontario and Quebec. In one important respect, Senate committees and royal commissions may be equally attractive.

Recent examples of such issues are problems such as poverty, unemployment, inflation, ageing, land use, science policy, Indian affairs, trade relations with the United States and so forth.

The three main structural problems with the senate in canada

There are numerous agreements between the central government and the provinces covering a whole range of topics which are rarely debated in this chamber. Yet, during the late s and early s, social investigation became integral to the ultimate development of innovative policy. While the chamber itself suffers from declining prestige, its committees have received recognition -- from close observers of the institution -- for their valuable contribution to the public life of this country. Simultaneous interpretation for both official languages, English and French , is provided at all times during sessions of both houses. In , however, the powers of the Speaker of the Senate were expanded, which reorganized the balance of power to be closer to the framework of the Commons. In the same month, the Senate delayed a bill that proposed to remove the gender-based discrimination in the Indian Act, a bill that had to be passed by a court-ordered deadline. Without it, there would have been no Confederation in

Croll's committee received a total of briefs and heard from witnesses. Purpose of the Senate Let us look at what the purpose of the Senate is and at what the main areas of criticism of this institution are.

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The “new” improved Senate