The name jar writing activity for 2nd

Unhei was really upset that the name jar was missing. Theme — It is always better to be yourself. It can be cultural or related to something that is important to the family.

What do they do to help her feel welcome? Predict — What do you think the story is going to be about? Unhei wanted to pick an American name. Then number 2 will go next and will have 1 minute to share. If the family doesnt have a brown paper bag, thats fine, the teachers will provide one but the item should be small enough to fit in a brown paper lunch bag.

The name jar writing activity for 2nd

Anticipatory Set: Send a notice home with the children saying they should bring something in by Friday or for Friday that is special to that child and relates to the way that family lives. Type your name and capitalize the first letter. How do you think you would feel on your first day at school in a new country? I provided two paper format choices for my students. Print the document. Copy and paste the name at least twenty times. How Joey was a good friend to Unhei?

The new kid from Korea needs a new name — or does she? Do your parents?

the name jar character traits

Yangsook Choi has her own website where you can see more of her beautiful drawings and find out about her other books. Unhei saw Joey at Mr. Do you agree?

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20 Reading Skills to Teach with The Name Jar