The history of the british rule in india

History should be a matter of discovery where facts build stories and we are happy to adjust our stories as new facts emerge.

india before british rule

In return, the company pledged to defend its allies. The British preferred to keep this quiet as it suggested that British rule was not widely accepted in India.

The grease used was rumored to include tallow derived from beef, offensive to Hindus, and pork, offensive to Muslims. Learning Objectives Key Takeaways Key Points The mission civilisatrice, a French term that translates literally into English as civilising mission, is a rationale for intervention or colonization, purporting to contribute to the spread of civilization and used mostly in relation to the colonization and Westernization of indigenous peoples in the 19th and 20th centuries.

In protest, the Congress asked all its elected representatives to resign from the government. British control of trade and exports of cheap Manchester cotton are cited as other significant factors. Historical narrative is often subjected to current political constraints.

There are huge arguments about whether the British created or enlarged these divisions in Indian society British society was deeply divided by classor whether the British simply took advantage of divisions that were already present in Indian society.

Whenever it comes, it will be the proudest day in English history. The station held one of the largest concentrations of British troops in India and this was later cited as evidence that the original rising was a spontaneous outbreak rather than a pre-planned plot.

InGovernor-General Lord Hardinge allowed private entrepreneurs to set up a rail system in India. In the early 19th century, the territories of these princes accounted for two-thirds of India.

It should be noted that the British Raj included only about two-thirds of modern India, with the other portions under the control of local princes. However, in true British tradition, they also chose to elaborate sophisticated and intellectual arguments to justify and explain their rule.

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