Syllabus of theories in counseling

Each reflection paper will be 5 pages plus a title page, the details of which will be posted on Canvas. Students should read the lesson objectives and complete the reading assignments and Student Manual assignments prior to answering the quizzes and discussion boards for each lesson.

Introduction to counseling syllabus

Gross violations of netiquette will result in severe penalties, including withdrawal from this course. In essence, anything goes for exams, so be diligent and keep up with readings and assignments. Netiquette To professionally and appropriately interact with your instructor and colleagues in an online supported college course, it is imperative that you adhere to the basic rules of online communication, also called Netiquette. There will be 9 discussion posts in this course, worth 10 points each; and responses to one other student, worth 5 points each for a total of 15 points per week. Do not correspond with the instructor or your colleagues as if you are texting your friends. If you do not hear from me within the timeframe above, please assume I did not receive your message and re-send. Papers are due at AM CST on the assigned due date, and must be submitted as a paper copy in class. If you email me a question and do not get a response, that means the syllabus contains the answer to your question. Discussion board postings: Students are required to participate in each lesson's discussion board during the semester. You must gain instructor pre-approval of your project in writing by the date of the midterm exam.

While you are welcome to continue posting comments past the deadline you may have an interesting discussion goingonly postings made by the deadline will be counted for points. There will be 9 discussion posts in this course, worth 10 points each; and responses to one other student, worth 5 points each for a total of 15 points per week.

Each Discussion Board counts for up to 10 points. This quarter you will be asked to write two papers, reflecting on your knowledge, values, biases, and beliefs about counseling and psychotherapy.

introduction to counseling psychology syllabus

You will have the full class period to complete each exam on the dates specified. Grades in this course are based on the total points accumulated from exams, discussion board, and application projects. The discussion boards are located under the Communications button of the course web page.

No exceptions.

counseling skills syllabus

Total possible points for Discussion Board are points. Office Hours Dr. Also, please check your Northwestern e-mail account for course-related messages I will not respond to emails consisting of questions about the course that are already answered in this syllabus. Students should use spell check on all postings— points are lost for misspelled words and poor grammar.

Lessons consist of reading assignments in the textbook, online reading and research, completion of assignments from the Student Manual, quizzes, and a discussion board.

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Syllabus for Sample Course: HDPS: The Counseling Process, Pryor