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Sherman was optimistic from the outset, writing to his wife Ellen on May 22, "I think I have the best army in the country, and if I cant [sic] take Atlanta and Stir up Georgia considerably I am mistaken.

Georgia (u.s. state)

But no one felt capable, or at least inclined, to describe a whole that was more than the sum of these parts. Grant , general-in-chief of the Union armies. Schofield replied that Hood was "bold even to rashness" and "courageous in the extreme. Public and private forms of expression, each with their own history, offer different versions of remembrance that—because memory often exerts a greater impact—deserve as much attention as battle facts. Sketch by Theodore Davis. Wheeler's cavalry provided only slight assistance. Photographic print. The invading and defending armies were vulnerable to this lay of the land, mainly wilderness and not well known by either side. Sherman was concerned that Confederate reinforcements would arrive by rail from Virginia and had already sent McPherson's cavalry to the rear to tear up track. In the aftermath of the war, the Atlanta battlefield also served as a major site for commemorating the four-year conflict and expressing particular versions of the war's history. In , Hurt's estate was on cleared land and commanded a sweeping view to the west and south. The evocative power of Atlanta and the Civil War endures, evident in iconic images and texts, commemorative rituals, monuments, and other forms of remembrance.

The main plank of the Democratic platform called for an immediate cessation of hostilities, and McClellan personally singled out reunion, but not emancipation, as his one condition for peace.

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When the Yankees circumvented Johnston's fortified position along the Chattahoochee River and began crossing the river on July 8,the Confederates retreated to an outer line of trenches defending Atlanta.

But no one felt capable, or at least inclined, to describe a whole that was more than the sum of these parts.

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When the campaign ended with the fall of Savannah on December 21, all that remained of the eastern Confederacy was Virginia, the Carolinas, and northeast Georgia. The implications of the fight for Atlanta occurring amid a US presidential election campaign highlights the connection between war and politics and the ways in which the outcome of a single, hard-fought battle can exert effects well beyond the immediate military contest to sectional and national history.

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