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Porter 16 defines an industry as a group of companies that supplies products or services that are interchangeable p. A benefit of this reduction is that, taken on a holistic perspective on brand management, no distinction needs to be made between corporate image and brand image, which was defined earlier as associations that external target groups have in their minds about brands.

Central information processing sees all available information gathered and rationally processed before a brand image is created or altered.

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I deliver the promise that my bank's brand has with customers PER4. A prerequisite to analyse this question is a thorough understanding of the influence of industry images on corporate brand images. If the required information is available as secondary data, the researcher basically needs to get online or go to the library, locate the appropriate sources, and take out the desired information Gilbert and Iacobucci,p.

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The most significant advantages of secondary data are the cost and time economies they offer the researcher. It is better to work from the most general topics through to the most specific. This can serve as an explanation for several effects on the capital market, such as price-earning multiples that are attributed to industry classification or IPOs which are postponed on account of current problems with the industry image. One of the captions even indicated that the capsules were tampered with after leaving the manufacturing plant Fearn-Banks, , p. It should always be used as a foundation before doing primary research. Methodology The methodology is a set of rules for applying the method and introduces the research procedures applied in this dissertation. Conceptual framework and hypotheses As mentioned before, most of the operationalisations and conceptual frameworks of corporate brand identity proposed in the literature are of a conceptual nature. Abell's 17 definition of a industry is more specific. A number of organisations put their vision and mission into writing. The Chicago Tribune picked up the story by that afternoon. Thus, in the last few years some researchers have tried to fill this gap by developing and validating measurement scales. Second, it is the primary vehicle for positioning the ideal image of the organisation.

Its measurement and analysis is particularly interesting, as it can serve as a diagnostic tool to explore the situation of the employees in the organisation and identify problems or causes of dissatisfaction. On the other hand, the corporate brand is generally of particular importance, as it is often used to support other brands within the portfolio Meffert and Bierwirth, 28 p.

A well managed brand identity may result in positive perceptions, attitudes and behaviours of different stakeholders. Brand corporate identity management Coleman et al.

Research papers corporate image

The PR definition of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations reads as follows: Public relations is about reputation - the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you. Corporate communication is the process that translates corporate identity into corporate image Ind, , p. Or is it just the media that communicates faster? The industry image of a person, who knows a lot about one company in an industry and little about other companies, might be largely driven by the company that is well known. Items proposed by Coleman et al. Without being exhaustive, some of these frameworks are briefly described next see Table 1. According to Aaker's framework , one of the most referenced in the academic literature, brand identity consists of twelve dimensions organised around four perspectives: the brand as a product, the brand as a person, the brand as an organisation and the bran as a symbol.

The quality of the work I do matches brand standards of my bank PER3. SPSS for Windows is the oldest and most popular of the many packages of computer programs currently available for statistical analysis Corsten and Colman,p. You have to intervene early with information and assurances" Cobb, no date.

H 2b : The functional attributes of industry image exert a significant causal influence on the functional attributes of corporate brand image.

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Brand Image The effects from the crisis are still being felt within the organisation and the long- term damage to its image and reputation is still to be assessed Johnson and Peppas, Items proposed by Coleman et al. The last step is to consider the implication of the findings for the research questions Bryman and Bell, , p. Our bank's advertising, PR and sales promotion all present the same clear consistent message to our stakeholders Human resource initiatives HRI1. A number of organisations put their vision and mission into writing. Results of previous research show a positive but moderate correlation between these two constructs Riketta, Of course, corporate images can also have an effect on industry images. The methodology is a critical review of the literature, in addition to the description of how to put together, employ and analyse an interview and a questionnaire, which was distributed to students in England and Germany. It describes the secondary and primary research in this dissertation, including advantages and limitations of each method and when giving a reason for the chose of the interviewee, a third case study is introduced. Punjaisri and Wilson's work is one of the few studies that have empirically analysed the influence of commitment on brand performance. Having set up the questionnaire it is desirable to conduct a pilot study, particularly with self-completing questionnaires, since there will not be an interviewer present to clear up confusions Bryman and Bell, , p. The results demonstrate that corporate brand image is indeed determined by the industry image, and that this determination is moderated by involvement and knowledge about the specific corporation. A crisis consists of five stages. Crisis management is a process of strategic planning for a crisis or negative turning point, a process that removes some of the risk and uncertainty from the negative occurrence and thereby allows the organisation to be in greater control of its own destiny Fearn-Banks, , p. It is not an intermediary variable that is dependent on the industry image and does not explain why an influence exists.
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Industry image: Its impact on the brand image of potential employees