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These environments will be supported via the VLE GCU Learn which will be used to encourage further reading and to introduce users to on-line sources. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Studies in Higher Education, 19 2 : Neuman indicated that exploratory research involved an attempt to explore and generate new ideas and themes that provided the prerequisite for further research. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Silverman, D. Ridley, D. For business and social science students the International Journal of Management Reviews is a high quality journal which publishes literature reviews. Saunders, M. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins. Clough, P. Asking the right questions: A guide to critical thinking 7 th ed. Journal of Advanced Nursing 60 3 :

Research Strategy Positivism is an epistemology position that advocates the applications of the research strategy that is used in this study.

Coughlan, M. British Journal of Nursing 16 11 : — Harper Perennial: London.

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Sage: London McMillan, K. Malaysian Internet users have reached Because of the limitation of the secondary data, primary research using quantitative method is being chosen in this research. Share on Facebook References Denney, A.

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Zorn, T. These included, but were not restricted to the subjects, population, sample size requirement, data collection method and measurement of variables, pilot study and statistical techniques for data analysis.

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