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SV As stressed by Gilani in the works of Garcia and Pearson, reading strategies are deliberate actions that learners select to establish and improve their reading comprehension. Table 10 presents the composite table on the level of performance of the working students.

Revision of the manuscript was done based on the comments, suggestions and recommendations of the panel to the panel members.

Part of the difficulty is that the strategies have been drawn by assuming that we actually know what good readers do and that reading comprehension can be dissected into various parts, each one necessitating a particular strategy. Students who are engaged in a job have to carry out their duties and responsibilities both as students and worker in order to maintain school and company relationships Student who had stayed at home with their parents were often eager to get any job.

It is important to the parent, especially to those parents who work outside the home for they will be able to know the effects it may bring on having a son or daughter having a part time job.

And the reader must apply reading comprehension strategies as ways to be sure that what is being read matches their expectations and builds on their growing body of knowledge that is being stored for immediate or future reference.

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The status of research and major research findings are reviewed for each of these categories; brief summaries of research findings with citations are included following the review of each 15 category. The Level of Performance of the Working Students with Respect to Class Participation, Task Performance and Comprehension The level of performance of the working students with respect to class participation, task performance and comprehension measures is interpreted as Good. It is not enough that they memorize and repeat. The result shows that academic performances in school really affect the employment status of the graduates. Achievement goals have been reported to have a weak influence in predicting both performance and motivation outcomes. The sample constituted male and female students selected randomly from the high schools of Bihar in India. The researchers made use of this method because it can describe the existing occurrence concerning the levels of academic performance of the working students in Tomas Claudio Colleges. One of these is a yearly intramurals, games consist basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton and swimming. The main location of the study will be the University of Caloocan City and the most target respondents would be the working students, but possibly, the researcher could also ask other students or also school administrator and faculty members to gather some information and will use other resources to be able for this research to become possible and effective. They were very effective in classroom management as assessed by the teachers and administration did not differ with regards to the aspects of teaching. The literature reviewed below examines how employment has affected academic achievement.

Therefore, working full time has an even greater impact on academics because, often times, working 40 or more hours further decreases a student's college grade point average GPA and is negatively related to completion of a bachelor's degree Astin, Prominent among these is the theory of academic motivation, particularly as formulated by Atkinson.

Not only were higher GPAs found in students that maintained jobs, but Green also stated 'that they had gained job skills, experience, knowledge of a variety of jobs, a sense of accomplishment, a feeling of responsibility, and money for personal and school expenses' p.

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The first is a four-part model of college readiness that includes key cognitive strategies, key content knowledge, key learning skills and techniques, and key transition knowledge and skills.

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