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Explain how each arrives at their position about whether or not affirmative action is similar to or different from discriminatory laws of the Jim Crow era Wasserstrom and Newton disagree with affirmative action because to Wasserstrom sees affirmative action as a way to help the ones who have being abused or that have being oppressed and with the affirmative action he things this people can have a better life A society where individuals are judged upon merit, as opposed to the color of their skin.

Minorities who endorse affirmative action personally attest they have experienced positive effects with their self-confidence, satisfaction with college and leadership abilities. For instance, the way employers perceive it is different from what a politician presume it to be.

However affirmative action is more than allowing blacks and whites and any other minorities attend the same school. Websters New World Dictionary.

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However, there can be arguments made both for and against affirmative action. Others refer to it as reverse discrimination. That is the reason Affirmative Action was birthed by Lyndon B. Johnson in It is the policy that gives a special incentives to minorities and women to help promote diversity in school. Lipset argues that this results into poor performance at work and could lead to sacking while for students; they may end up performing poorly in colleges and get involved in academic malpractices which could trigger their expulsion. Opponents of affirmative action argue that this violates the 14th Amendment, creates reverse discrimination and reinforces racial inequality. It is obvious that a persuasive essay is a difficult assignment, because the student is expected to demonstrate his critical thinking skills and knowledge about the problem, so the Internet will be quite useful for everyone because it is possible to read a free example persuasive essay on affirmative action in higher education there. In order to combat this gap, the Kennedy administration in instituted a policy called affirmative action aimed towards counteracting the racial and socioeconomic disadvantages that these minority groups have. Equality has always been a topic of debate when it comes to American political system. Also, every minority is treated better because of this policy. Plato stated that government had been put in place to make decision on behalf of the people, and it was not the right of the people to question government Johnson, Affirmative action] Better Essays Affirmative Action And Racial Profiling - The definitive question is whether or not affirmative action and racial profiling are the same like many perceive it to be. Reverse discrimination is when people of a majority are discriminated in favor of a disadvantage group or minority Schindler, Many people would like to answer it with simply the name given to programs that try to correct past and ongoing discriminations against women, racial minorities, and others in the work force and in education.

College admissions should be based on what the admissions board is looking for, not what the government says should be required. It is important to note that affirmative action programs do not require employers to hire unqualified people for a job.

It questions the constitutionality of its existence and whether it perpetuates racial discrimination.

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Therefore if more than test scores are taken in to consideration more minority groups African Americans would be accepted into more accredited universities. Also, questions have been asked on the real role played by diversity, both at place of work and in education.

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