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You will also know about distinct physical features and behaviour of peacock. Conclusion Though mainly found in the Asian countries, peacocks are popular for their beauty worldwide. Peacock is the national bird of India. As per this ancient Hindu system, different number of peacock feathers are tied together and clubbed with various chants for various purposes.

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It has lovely blue feathers. It has a long blue neck and small eyes.

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The peacocks usually crow on mornings and evenings on a very cloudy day. It has a long neck and small head. The peacock is proud of its tail. The peacock can fly but not to great distances. It's feathers are really very beautiful. When the sky is dark in the rainy season, the peacocks are very much joyful. The sight of peacock dancing is simply mesmerizing. It is very heating food. It does not have long plumage like the Indian and Green peacock. It generally lives in jungles, gardens, and hillsides. While the peacock is metallic blue in colour and adorns a colourful plume which is extremely attractive, peahen has a plain brown coloured body. Its crest is taller than Indian peacock. It is only the third time that beautiful feather comes out.

These look equally spectacular. It lives on the trees in the jungle. It looks best when it dances merrily in the rain. Peahen is Very Different from Peacock Peahens are female, extremely plain looking, unlike the peacocks that look splendid.

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Long and Short Essay on Peacock in English We have provided below short and long essay on peacock in English language for children and students. It feeds on grains, ripe fruits, small insects and snakes. It has held a very special place in the Indian history. Not just its looks, peacock is also loved for its positive and joyful nature. He then blessed the bird with courage to take on the snakes. Some people eat its flesh. It lives in gardens. In a flock, there are many peahens and one peacock and few chicks. Peacocks usually rest on the ground. Peacock feathers are also used during religious rituals.

Peacock feathers are also known for their miraculous healing properties. These peacocks have a white coloured body and white feathers. Select Page Essay on Peacock Peacock is one of the most beautiful birds on earth.

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