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The task entrusted to him was to ensure that judges and public official in general acted in accordance with the laws in force and discharged their duties satisfactorily in other respects. In all of the Nordic countries, the ombudsman is elected by the parliament for a period of four years.

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In respect of the gathering of evidence and the examination of witnesses, the Ombudsman has the same authority as the High Court. Email Facebook LinkedIn The Nordic institution of the ombudsman originated in Sweden in and was intended to protect the rights of individuals against the abuse of royal power. Initially, the role of a Parliamentary Ombudsman could be characterised as that of a prosecutor. This means, for instance, that the activities of the Ombudsmen are not intended to replace the supervision and application of the law that devolves on other organisations in the community. The most frequent outcome is, however, a critical advisory comment from an Ombudsman or some form of recommendation. In , the Ombudsman was empowered to investigate complaints about clinical judgment. The Annual Reports—which is one of the official publications of the Swedish Riksdag—is submitted to the Standing Committee on the Constitution , which then draws up its own written report and notifies the Riksdag. As was the case in - when Lars Augustin Mannerheim was appointed as the first Ombudsman - the four Parliamentary Ombudsmen are today completely independent of the government and the civil service which they monitor. He therefore established the Supreme Ombudsman to be his pre-eminent representative in Sweden. For this reason it appointed a Parliamentary Ombudsman and still continues to do so. The Ombudsman often receives enquiries which have not yet reached a stage where they can be investigated, usually because the complainant has not completed the complaints procedure of the organisation complained about. An Ombudsman is elected for a four-year period and can be re-elected.

Today, the instructions - the Act with Instructions for the Parliamentary Ombudsmen and the amendments added in - state that when undertaking the role of prosecutor the Ombudsmen are also to comply with the other statutory regulations applying to public prosecutors.

What can the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman do?

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The IOI serves as an international network. He also regularly inspects prisons, garrisons and Finnish peacekeeping missions abroad.

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You should make a complaint about the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman response with one month of the date of the decision. You can find out more about the complaints process on the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman website.

This is the person to ask about how your complaint is going.

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The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman