Overpopulation and the environment essay

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Our planet is exceptionally rich in resources. The number of people on this earth is the indirect problem; more directly, the problem is that 6.

At the beginning of the present century there were approximately 1.

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Most of us literally cannot conceptualize numbers of this magnitude, when it's a struggle in itself to keep track of the number of digits In Africa, overpopulation is causing an immense amount of disease to spread more competently due to the close living quarters and a lack of clean water.

This increase will be associated with increasing energy consumption and demands on the free market based economy. Water is becoming polluted and scarce, land is shrinking, and extensive use of fuel is contaminating the atmosphere.

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Ecology is derived from the Greek words oikos meaning home and logos meaning knowledge. Over population and rapid population growth are intimately connected with most aspects of the current human predicament, including rapid depletion of nonrenewable resources, deterioration of the environment and increasing international tensions

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Overpopulation Environment Essay