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The idea came from an employee at King Arthur Flour. And trust me friends, real food never tasted so good. We were working together on a giveaway earlier in the year over email and got to chatting about green smoothies. This is generally what I make for my kids.

Add 3 or more frozen peach cubes, depending on size of cubes and how thick you want your smoothie. This recipe calls for frozen fruit because I find that to be the most convenient and the most affordable.

I worked with a lower quality blender for years, and it was always frustrating to make a smoothie and I broke the thing twice! TIP: To make a frozen banana, peel and cut the banana into chunks.

I love having it for breakfast, or as a mid-afternoon snack, because it tastes like such a treat! The quality of food declines faster when excess air is left in the package. I currently use cacao nibsflax seed, and hemp seed hearts in addition to the coconut oil and chia seeds. So when it came to Superfoods I bought coconut oil first.

They were excited to agree to a giveaway for YOU! Squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible.

Banana smoothie

Just Peachy Smoothie Frozen peach cubes recipe below Non-fat or fat-free yogurt: vanilla or any flavor you would enjoy with peaches Sprig of mint or fresh strawberry optional Frozen Peach Cubes 1 can of peaches in a light or extra-light syrup Dash of nutmeg or cinnamon Drain canned peaches. When I go grocery shopping, I buy the biggest ripe bunch I can find. When solid, I transfer them to a ziptop freezer bag. What was I to do without a blender?! The best part was going to visit the doctor for another round of blood tests and finding out that the most alarming results were reversed! Easy Fruit Smoothie I usually like using orange juice in my smoothies, but mango juice, pineapple juice, apple juice, or any other juice will work, the possibilities are endless. I throw a frozen banana into every single smoothie I make. I currently use cacao nibs , flax seed, and hemp seed hearts in addition to the coconut oil and chia seeds. Just enter below. I am not a doctor but will share some things that have helped me.

Tips and Tricks for making Healthy Smoothies: To determine a serving of Superfood, read the label on their packaging.

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