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AACSB: Reflective thinking Marketing accountability means that marketers must more precisely estimate the effects of different marketing investments. We developed an instant tea under the brand name Fine Brew, which—prior to the advent of the tea bag—had important convenience advantages over the conventional pot-brewing ritual.

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The three measures that might be included are: 1. And different researchers examining the same qualitative results may draw very different conclusions. Forecasting the degree of substitution a new product will have from pretest research presupposes a level of knowledge of consumer behavior in the marketplace that marketing managers do not yet possess.

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How many stages are there in the product life cycle? Target audiences accurately through advertising. An example of this channel is a car dealer. Time must be allowed for sales to settle down from their initial honeymoon level; in addition, the share and sales levels must be allowed to stabilize. A customer marketing research firms B internal marketing insights departments C qualitative marketing intelligence agencies D syndicated-service research firms E specialty-line marketing research firms Answer: D Diff: 1 LO: 4. Our company recently undertook a successful preemptive launch in the soup market. AACSB: Analytical thinking 58 Which of the following is used to as preferences, and satisfaction and to measure these magnitudes in the general population? After deciding on the research approach and instruments, what is the next step that Jane should follow? Participants also may not be willing to acknowledge in public — or may not even recognize — their behavior patterns and motivations.

Introduction stage. What is one of the differences between goods and services? Answer: No, Mars group is a specialty-line marketing research firm as it sells field interviewing services, whereas a custom marketing research firm is hired to carry out specific projects.

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AACSB: Reflective thinking When Bank of America followed female baby boomers at home and while they shopped to observe things the shoppers might not have been able to articulate, they were using ethnographic research.

AACSB: Reflective thinking A customer-performance scorecard tracks the satisfaction of various constituencies who have a critical inter performance: employees, suppliers, banks, distributors, retailers and stockholders. D structured 5.

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