Market revolution

Workers were assigned more machines to tend, and the owners increased the speed at which the machines operated.

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At Wheeling, Virginia, her coach encountered the National Road, the first federally funded interstate infrastructure project. The large-scale production of cash crops began to replace subsistence farming in the South and West. As the decades passed, working conditions deteriorated in many mills. Along with its industrial power, Philadelphia was the financial center of the country. They felt the burden was not shared equally among Americans. Transfer from U. Water-powered textile factories in England and the American Northeast rapidly turned raw cotton into cloth.

The market integrated families into a new cash economy. This model illustrated new ideas for silk spinning and twisting.

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Following the War ofthe American economy was altered from an economy partly dependent on imports from Europe to an empire of internal commerce. In the s, female mill operatives in Lowell formed the Lowell Factory Girls Association to organize strike activities in the face of wage cuts, and later established the Lowell Female Labor Reform Association to protest the hour workday.

Turnpikes, canals, and last but not least, railroads linked the North to the rest of the country and, uh, paved the way for a nation-wide transportation, communication, and economic makeover.

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During the Industrial Revolution, environmental pollution in the United States increased with the emergence of new sources of fuel, large factories, and sprawling urban centers. The Pacific Railway Act of was pivotal in helping settlers move west more quickly.

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The American Market Revolution,