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Instead, she would always insult and degrade all men she came across, and fiercely deter all suitors, much to the anguish of her father, determined to have her wed. Seeing another's character flaws and shortcomings causes us to distance ourselves from the offensive individual.

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He would approach one party and report how remorseful the other one was. Marriage comes with bumps — and sometimes mountains, and sometimes bumps which seem to be mountains Previous Broken Relationships It is stated in the holy books that at times marital strife can be a consequence of a previous relationship which ended with residual hard feelings.

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Her parents-in-law and other relatives would often urge them to reconcile, but that just provided momentary relief and before long their cold war would start up again.

Thanks be to God!

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Practically, as well, the laws of Family Purity prevent the relationship between husband and wife from becoming stale and unexciting. It brings out the noblest of human qualities — the willing to transcend one's natural self and focus on a greater good. They can be intense, passionate, but that fire can also burn out. Others' Involvement What should be our reaction when a friend or relative is going through marital woes? But later on humanity was corrupted by Satan and we became full of arrogance, selfishness, despicableness, crookedness, deceit, greed, and evil, and other satanic dispositions. How could that be wrong? Our love and care for our own self is unconditional and unwavering; we don't stop loving ourselves just because we're annoyed or upset about having done something foolish or thoughtless. When will there be an end to this life of suffering and repression?

Donning tefillin every day is also a powerful conveyer of blessing.

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Marital Harmony Is No Longer an Issue