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Brooks remarked: [12] "I knew if I ever recorded any kind of tribute to Chris, it would have to be up-tempo, happy He wasn't like that. He died of a rare form of cancer in March of The last of a dying breed. A good friend. I did enough of that. She is typical of loyal LeDoux fans spread across the globe. And in October 5, , the album "20 Greatest Hits" went platinum. LeDoux continued to write and record his songs, and began playing concerts.

He learned to ride horses while visiting his grandparents on their Wyoming farm. Friends have also collaborated to produce an annual rodeo, art show, and concert in Casper to honor LeDoux's memory.

Legend runs from Cheyenne to Cody. An alternative donor was located, and LeDoux received a transplant on October 7, Standing here beside me.

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Chris LeDoux grew into the part naturally. Flinging tins was a sport in itself. More like leaped, and sang, and helped teach us to believe there is a lot of good out there we can do for others while at the same time enriching our own souls beyond measure. Early years[ edit ] LeDoux was born in Biloxi, Mississippi.

That surprised the cowboy musician. Looking like a dream I dreamed somewhere. Hundreds of songs about the West, cowboy and rodeo life, and love ensued. I cussed the game for years.

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