Islamic neighborhood

Islamic neighborhood

According to reports, there is hardly a town in France that does not have at least one ZUS. Furthermore it is the subject of a forthcoming documentary with Muslim History Tours. Petri Feb. So, are no-go-zones actually a reality that is well-documented? Rabah, a funeral organizer for the Janazah Project, said the Muslim Community Patrol had been a long-held dream of his and others. We rate the statement Pants on Fire. This might also give the impression that Islamic laws are being applied instead of the laws of the land, but this is not the case. Authorities are often unable or unwilling to meet even basic public needs for fear of being attacked by Muslims. Screw these Muslims, and get them out. You see that funeral home right there? In a January blog post , Bryant expressed support for R.

Funeral home demolition and mosque construction The funeral home that Britt was pointing to is still there. However, this influx of immigrants has led to community relations issues.

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But they did not expect the vitriol unleashed when a photo of their new, double-parked patrol cars on Fifth Avenue in Bay Ridge turned up Dec. I am not denying the day-to-day hostility and resentment towards women and Jews in many European neighbourhoods.

The unarmed civilian patrol will offer translation services — its members are fluent in any of seven languages — explain cultural nuances, report suspicious activity, respond to traffic accidents and even help in searches for the missing.

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It is difficult to have a stable country without correcting such historic injustices. Screw these Muslims, and get them out. Sensational claims have been made about the existence of exclusively Muslim neighborhoods where non-Muslims are not allowed to enter. When laymen hear such concepts, what may come to mind is little sub-states within a country and Islamists stepping up the creation of areas that are off limits to non-Muslims. A now-deleted flier advertising an Oct. The two minute, 14 second video featured a man talking in what he identified as a neighborhood in West Virginia. Mohamed Dollie was of Scottish and Malay ancestry. And that covers the entire state.

Many Muslims also arrived from various other countries, although the percentage is far smaller than from South Asia. Volunteers plan to work in shifts, watching over arrival and dismissal times at three Islamic schools in Brooklyn and conducting patrols from 5 p.

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However, it is not possible to definitively prove that a neighbourhood is a no-go-zone. But the claim that these neighborhoods are microstates governed by sharia law is just lame. Led by the radical Imam Siraj Wahhaj, a small force of devout Muslims helped eradicate the crack epidemic plaguing Brooklyn in the s.

The area was indeed receiving renovations, as Britt said, but it was not being done on behalf of Syrian refugees.

All proceeds benefited Islamic Relief Gaza, a branch of the global charity under investigation in the U.

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Muslim Community Patrol & Services