Is the abstract included in the word count of a dissertation

The literature review, or context of the study The purpose of this chapter is to show that you are aware of where your own piece of research fits into the overall context of research in your field. With the dissertation abstract being the first place to tell the reader the significance of your research, this can often lead to over-exaggerations and over-generalisations.

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Well structured The dissertation abstract needs to be well structured because you have such a short word count to communicate so much about your dissertation. Waffling is simply similar to dumping everything you know on the page, which can happen when a you don't know the material very well or b you're struggling to gauge which content is important and which can be left out, something that is a real challenge for the first-time dissertation student.

Is the abstract included in the word count of a dissertation

However, when taking on a much larger document i. The significance of the study. For example a scientific dissertation would probably have very clear separation between the results and the discussion of those results; whereas a social science dissertation might have an overall chapter called Findings, bringing the results and their discussion together. Taylor G. As you read you can then cross through material that appears unnecessary, and mark points that could be expanded. This would lead to confusion for the reader from the outset. This chapter can be concisely written, especially when you know how to summarize data well and make good use of Appendices. Develop an existing point of view, perhaps by utilising it on larger or more complex datasets, or apply a theory to a new context Adapted from Taylor It is important that you are assertive about what you are arguing, but it is unlikely that, in a dissertation project, you will be able to be definitive in closing an established academic debate. To understand more about each of these components and how to clearly structure your dissertation, read the section: How to structure your dissertation abstract. You need to ensure that all the content you want to include has been allocated a place. You can always edit upwards or downwards later as necessary. It is also possible that, particularly in the case of students who are discussing visual texts in their dissertation, markers may ask to see a hard copy if one is available.

Coming back afresh to look critically at the main text may then enable you to complete it to your satisfaction. Obvious examples include the Chapter Summaries section within the Introduction chapter, as well as necessary components such as Acknowledgements.

Rather than thinking too hard about word count, focus on making sure that everything being said is worthwhile. Don't waste words on peripheral sections within chapters.

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If you began by making a long and unstructured list of content, you can now feed that into the developing structure by inserting it as bullet points under the relevant headings.

This may involve critiquing the work of established leaders in the field.

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Schumpter and Galbraith: A comparative analysis on the modern corporate economy. For example, take the title: Barriers to Internet banking adoption: A qualitative study among corporate customers in Thailand From the second part of the title, it is clear that the authors want to emphasise the fact that their research used a qualitative research design, as well as focusing on corporate customers in a particular geographical location, Thailand.

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Your dissertation should be submitted via Tabula, just like other UG essays. You may be required to produce one or more chapters for assessment part way through your research. Each section or chapter has its own particular function Title page The title itself is an important opportunity to tell the potential reader what your research is about. Properly weighted The word count that you dedicate to each component of your dissertation abstract e. Developing an argument An important aspect running through your dissertation will be your argument for: why this specific topic is worth researching; why this is a good way to research it; why this method of analysis is appropriate; and why your interpretations and conclusions are reasonable. You need to try and avoid this by keeping these sections short, but also focusing on justifications i. Fluid Each of the components of the dissertation abstract e. When to stop Just as it can be difficult to begin writing, it can also be difficult to know when to stop. At the start of the process, especially if you're an undergraduate doing a dissertation for the first time, 10,, 12,, or 15, words and up sound like a lot, but they soon get eaten up. Coming back afresh to look critically at the main text may then enable you to complete it to your satisfaction. It will also provide you with a framework to refer back to in your discussion chapter, when you reflect on the extent to which your research has achieved what it set out to do.

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