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These studies ultimately showed that novel changes in work conditions temporarily increase productivity called the Hawthorne Effect.

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An employee can feel satisfied by motivation from both financial side and non-financial side. The Job in General Index is an overall measurement of job satisfaction. Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction: There are a number of factors that influence job satisfaction. Positive attitudes towards the jobs are conceptually equivalent to job satisfaction and negative attitudes towards the job indicate job dissatisfaction.

The following figure developed by these two explains this point. If he feels his rewards are equitable with others doing the similar work in similar environment, he will feel satisfied. Attitudes refer to predisposition to respond but satisfaction relates to the performance factors.

Women, the fairer sex, are more likely to be satisfied than their male counterpart even if they are employed in small jobs. Working Conditions: Good working conditions are desirable by the employees, as they lead to more physical comfort.

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It was later found that this increase resulted, not from the new conditions, but from the knowledge of being observed.

The employees that are working at higher level jobs express greater job satisfaction than the ones working at lower level jobs.

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Sol, August 3, Education develops and improvises individual wisdom and evaluation process.

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Essay on Job Satisfaction