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Judy Araujo, Reading Specialist. Could the reader track print visually without finger? Results in Schools Running Records -- Powerful Assessment Tools As teachers conduct running records, the initial goal is often to see if readers are ready to move into the next level. Meanwhile, I grab the book that we read during the previous lesson and have one student read it to me. Please respect my work. Record each miscue in full for an accurate picture. She can read it without support, on her own. Subscribe Then, carve out time to give the running record to the student. However, on p. Once readers have become proficient, they are able to use reading strategies efficiently and flexibly. However, all the data we get is only valuable when we use it to take action!

Her miscues show that she uses visual information, looking at word parts and reading words that look somewhat like the words in the text, as a source of information. Could the reader identify the genre type?

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You will need a quiet place without interruptions. Please respect my work. Taking the Running Record When you take a running record, you have to move fast!

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When students miscue or struggle with comprehension, teachers can identify areas for support. Do not use miscue analysis on beginner readers. Did the reader use several sources of cues in an integrated way or rely on only one kind of information?

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A proficient reader is able to use the three sources of information found in texts in a balanced way. Read the ends of words correctly? Keep some of these questions in mind: Did the reader use cues in relation to each other? In this case, the reader was paying attention to syntax, because he substituted a word that keeps the sentence grammatically accurate.

Clear patterns can emerge from your M-S-V scoring. Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell,

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Analyzing Miscues: Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment by Nicole DeLaney on Prezi