How bata shoes should segment its market

Developing a stronger position within several segments creates more total sales than undifferentiated marketing across all segments. This will also result in demand of the company shoes. Bata is working successfully in 70 countries with more than outlets.

Why bata failed

By offering product and market variations to segments, Bata get high sales and a stronger position within each market segment. In start of the every season, on weddings, occasions, festivals and major increase on EID festival. People believe that they will find best product there without any doubt. We are not family stores like Bata and Servis. Sandak: What we called is Sponge Sandle is professionally called as Thongs. To apply the principles of customer-focused quality, service and excellence to all processes and system, from product design, development through production, distribution and marketing. These local shops are also a competitor to keep in mind. Bata has the control over their suppliers. Their purpose is to maximum market coverage. More for more shoes of Bata More for same: Bata also provides more benefits than the competitors at the same price. These types of shoes are for very high class and high income people. Bata has shoes for light user, medium user and heavy user. Positioning Strategy Bata has captured the mind of the people by producing and delivering the best possible shoes quality for the long lasting consumption but with moderate pricing. Competition is hotting up in the domestic market due to popular brands such as Gaitonde, Red Tape, Lotus Bawa in the illegal and smuggling of these shoes. KingsStreet The most famous dress shoes from Bata.

Retail marketing manager is responsible for planning, advertising as well as the whole of the retail operation around the country.

So that people from every class can purchase their products. For school shoes brand B. Not too much stylist so it is losing the attraction of the customer, especially in the Youth segment. Companies need to innovate to reduce costs and to protect and sustain competitive advantage.

The department already has a tradition to offer on the job training to the personnel. Leading stores generally introduced about a thousand new designs each for the summer and winter seasons. Threat of new entry depends upon entry and exit barriers. Bata is already filling the positional gap in the market following low price and high quality strategy.

All the leather products that they made here in Bangladesh are made there. Industry Rivalry Industry rivalry means the intensity of competition among the existing competitors in the market.

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