How art can be good

Art also helps people to connect with and deal with their emotions.

how art impacts our lives

Art has a way of reaching deep inside our souls and connect what is inside us, our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions, with outer realities and with our own experiences. These are experiences that elevate a person beyond the brutish and humdrum qualities of much of human life.

why is art important

A lot of philosophers have had a hard time believing it was possible for there to be objective standards for art. The Reflecting Nature collaboration is allowing me to explore subjects that are of profound interest to all artists: why we create art, how we respond to art and how art is intrinsically linked to our interactions with the natural environment.

Basic Books. Indeed, one of the reasons "taste is subjective" found such a receptive audience is that, historically, the things people have said about good taste have generally been such nonsense.

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That's why you can't just take a vote. Error So could we figure out what the best art is by taking a vote?

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How art that reflects nature can be good for us