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Any path—any path—will take you there. Most read on BostonGlobe. Instead of doing a post-mortem at the end of life, as my father did, we really need to do a pre-mortem as we engage in life. Here's my point. Instead of innovating and doing the things that will help them discover the next growth opportunity, they devote an inordinate amount of resources and focus to getting the work done, on time and on budget.

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The spreadsheet I would build based solely on the behavior of year-olds may reflect what is going on in the recent past and today, but not the changes that looking to other models tell us will occur in future months and years. Dismissing these long-term employees gives them a chance to rethink their career options and find a job where they feel motivated, says Hartman.

Ron Shaich believes that the fixation on short-term profits is jeopardizing the future of American business.

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Even Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway hasn't done that well, and Berkshire is a shining light for most investors. Your life isn't a business plan.

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Well, in a world where a new restaurant pops up every day, true competitive advantage is one of the most difficult things to attain. You can't argue against an fold increase in shareholder returns over 20 years!

Tell the truth. This editorial tells the story of how Ronald M.

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Panera Bread Co. CEO Ron Shaich sees pay rise percent in