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Conclusions In general, the perceptions of stakeholders about potential benefits of GM food are positive in Brazil. Gonzalez, C. For example, your boss is likely to have high power and influence over your projects and high interest. In This Article. Endnotes 1 To facilitate the reading, we clubbed the two agree and two disagree responses of the fourth-point scale. How stakeholders view stakeholders as CSR motivators. Lebart, L.

Consumer acceptance of second-generation GM foods: The case of biofortified cassava in the north-east of Brazil. Collaborating to Move Humanity Forward Our success depends on relationships inside and outside the company. In addition, GM works with suppliers to develop solutions to challenges in transportation.

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Consumer attitudes toward genetically modified foods in Beijing, China. Finally, respondents who believe that a sustainable agriculture implies a low or null level of chemical fertilizers and pesticides are strongly opposed in general to GM foods, though not to GM cassava in particular. Journal of Agricultural Economics Association, 29 3 , Onyango, B. Conclusions In general, the perceptions of stakeholders about potential benefits of GM food are positive in Brazil. Strategic Relationships Our regular engagement with stakeholders demonstrates the effectiveness of our strategy to work with the most impactful organizations and pursue meaningful partnerships around sustainability issues that are critical to our business. Sciences, , Do these people become stakeholders in their own right? Compromise: Compromise across a set of stakeholders' diverging priorities. Consumer acceptance of nutritionally enhanced genetically modified food: Relevance of gene transfer technology. Food Policy, 33 2 , Understand what is success: Explore the value of the project to the stakeholder. Eigenvalues are the new variables obtained with the MCA; they are useful to interpret the dimension results.

Hout, M. Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology, 7 2 The organizational state: Social choice in national policy domains. Suppliers Investors Employees.

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Nicholson, J. Stakeholder management is a process and control that must be planned and guided by underlying principles. Japanese consumer attitudes and decision-making with regard to GM food products: Analysis using structural equation modeling SEM. Laumann, E. Economics, 38 1 , Consult, early and often: To get the useful information and ideas, ask questions. However, as has occurred in other developing countries, external forces are trying to create a polarization toward this technology. Investors are interested in profits and continued growth of General Motors. We engage these stakeholders in a variety of ways, all with the goal of sharing information and informing business decisions with meaningful dialogue. Communities are interested in the positive or beneficial effects of business, including the effects of corporate social responsibility activities. Journal of Consumer Policy, 21, Hu, W. For example, the General Motors Fund gives financial assistance for American charities, international educational organizations and programs, and disaster relief programs in various regions of the world. Agricultural Biotechnology and the poor: Proceedings of an international conference, Hoosain, F.

Gonzalez, C. Economics, 38 1 If these concerns are not addressed, the introduction of cassava with provitamin A in Brazil could face opposition not only from NGOs but also from the more moderate sectors—such as academic and research—whose influence over public opinion may be significant.

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Customers[ edit ] Within the field of marketing, it is believed that customers are one of the most important stakeholders for managing its long-term value, with a firm's major objective being the management of customer satisfaction.

Food Policy, 33 2 Japanese consumers perceptions and willingness to pay for credence attributes associated with canola oil. Li, Q. The social aspects of food biotechnology: A European view.

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General Motors’ Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy & Stakeholders