Generative writing allows a fiction writer to writer

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Please note, however, that this workshop, unlike others, is not a publishing engine. Sarah also works as an individual writing coach and a freelance editor. Typically agreements include the ways in which individuals in the group would like to help one another elevate one's writing practice.

They gave us a prompt word and directed us to list items triggered by the word.

generative writing is best used to

Payment in USA funds must be received before we mail an issue. We read in class. With all the obligations and distractions of everyday life, finding the time to focus on your own work is a challenge in itself.

But I do need the structure. This is not really a question as much as a concern. FAQs Sounds awesome. No pressure. If there's anything I hated most about grad school, it was when workshop participants "shoulded" on me, and the instructor did nothing to keep dumb-ass comments in check.

Prompts designed to get your wheels turning will be offered at each session.

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Generative Writing and Brainstorming