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This theory can be backed up through the use of statistics from However the gap between the social classes should start to become smaller in the future, as it has been doing throughout the years due to the fact that equality has improved exponentially in the UK.

social factors affecting health and wellbeing

In thalassemia the production of haemoglobin is abnormal, of which can lead to anaemia due to the reduction of oxygen being carried around the body. On the other hand, this legislation has sparked other health campaigns to form from other government organisations such as the NHS.

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Thalassemia can be diagnosed through a series of blood tests and DNA tests in order to determine the type of thalassemia. There are measures in place in order to help the individual to stay healthy for as long as possible, despite the fact that there is no cure at present.

The campaign is being released to tackle accidents that are currently a top cause of ill health and death in the UK.

factors affecting health and wellbeing essay help

NHS Choices — Your health, your choices. The findings provided by Acheson mirrored the previous findings in the Black Report back in which stated that the main cause of the inequalities to health was poverty. Pollution Pollution occurs when the environment is harmed by pollutants in the forms of gas, liquid, light and sound.

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Since the Black Report was first published, the gap that was between the white British population and the ethnic minorities has decreased dramatically, however there are still un-equalities between the groups. Through all the data collected, there was no clear evidence that suggested that the damp was causing health problems. Not surprisingly, healthy habits such as exercising, good eating, and meditation reflect the second most influential factor. Exposure to high concentration levels of pollution on a short term basis can prove extremely damaging and in some cases can even be fatal. References Anon, Statistics can be collected through the use of surveys, i. Apart from the initiatives in place to prevent drinking and driving, there have been other government initiatives used in order to stop people from using their phones when they are driving, to wear their seatbelt whilst they are driving and to prevent road rage by raising awareness. On a more everyday level, stress can cause a large amount of emotional, physical, cognitive, and behavioral symptoms. Education The better educated the individual, the more likely they are to have better health and knowledge on health, and this includes: The individual would be more knowledgeable about the health care services available to them; therefore it would increase their likelihood of being able to use them more efficiently. With socioeconomic status being the most driving factor for health, it seems doctors and other professionals related to keeping the health of people above water should focus on raising the socioeconomic status of their locales. Obesity can cause arthritis, diabetes, cancer, coronary heart disease and high blood pressure. During the NHS reported that a study which was conducted in the USA had found that individuals living in polluted areas are expected to live 10 months less than those who lived in non-polluted areas, like the countryside for example as the air is cleaner. It is able to provide an outline of the UK which enables us to compare geographical areas. Overall improvement of health due to their improved quality of life, as they are able to afford healthier food leading to living a healthier lifestyle.
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