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Many were passed in the wake of high profile business scandals. References 5. Several of these groups have formed ethics subcommittees or task forces to deal specifically with these questions and, in several cases, to formulate practice guidelines to assist health care providers in rendering appropriate care to their patients.

Include all key findings, conclusions and recommendations that exist in the complete report -- a reader should be able to grasp all the information presented in the full-length study by simply reading your executive summary.

We point you to some methods for testing potential employees - methods that can even detect psychopaths. This examination will also help us come to a better understanding of our own and various societies values.

If you're tasked with preparing a report on the topic of ethics, an effective executive summary can be an excellent means to provide upper management with a concise, abbreviated version of the full-length report -- which could result in faster action on their part to address the problem of unethical workplace behavior.

Recommendations for the Future Suggest possible next steps for the organization to take in order to encourage ethical behavior on the part of management and employees. And as health care costs skyrocketed, additional factions-insurers, employers, and hospitals organized to represent their interests.

Find a summary of our research below. This is particularly true in business, where leaders, managers, and employees face conflicting incentives, messages, and pressures from multiple stakeholders.

Conclusion Culture plays a great part in the process of human development. Many people think that disclosing conflicts of interest is the best remedy, but they too are incorrect.

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Society needs to wake up now; the time of change is here.

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