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It is also from Mr. Each day, week, and year Americans are forced to complete, vote for, and undertake duties that go against their core beliefs for the sake of the government and its officials. This is what is known as Symbolism.

In this particular village during the lottery, one person is chosen at random to be stoned to death by the people. Instead of trying to protect her children she instead demands that her married daughter take part in the drawing just to improve her own chances of survival.

His oldness shows that the lottery has been around for a very long time. The marked ballot instead chooses one who must surrender everything by giving his of her life. Anne Hutchinson was a willing martyr who died for her religion and was exiled from her town.

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The odds have been in his favor throughout the years. These artifacts from the story are meticulously established to contribute to the themes of the story.

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Each one enhances meaningful weight to the themes exhibited in her labor, and she uses her symbols to unveil religious, governmental, and community issues present within society. Cervantes 4 Work Cited Jackson, Shirley. This is ironic because the reader learns that the actual purpose of the lottery is to choose someone who becomes a sacrifice for the town. This dot will determine the family that would be chosen to be sacrifice. Only one paper has a black dot. The story is very effective in raising many questions about the pointless nature of humanity regarding tradition and violence. They had power within their community and did not have to partake; they were granted immunity! Summers and Mr. I would say the most major and obvious type of irony used here was situational irony. It seems that the lottery forms the foundations of this town. The Lottery? The Hutchinson family has the black dot; each family Hutchinson member then comes up to pick another piece of paper Graves is the man who carries in the black box and the three-legged stool. If a name is being use, a name such as autumn can represent the adulthood of a human.

Also a cross represents religion and faith. Any subject. Even the title of the story is ironic because it represents something positive but in the end the reader finds the true meaning of the title to be negative.

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Shirley Jackson's Symbolism in The Lottery