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With such a variety of perspectives, there is no single theory that can fully answer the breadth of the question. Ross became unable to cope with all of the events that were taking place around him, and eventually went insane Boarding continued to be was a major part of naval warfare. Of course, they would only do this when the battle was in their territory. He was a determined man and would do anything to get what he wanted. The height of violence was reached in the "The Great Terror. As a French political leader and military general, Napoleon Bonaparte conquered most of Europe in just 16 years.

The War of the First Coalition had taken the form of previous European wars. The Poles remained the most steadfast supporters of Napoleon's empire against Russia, Prussia and Austria.

In he began to plan to invade Britain, but his naval power was crushed in the Battle of Trafalgar. His theories about waging war, his conduct of campaigns, and battlefield tactics all became benchmarks for military commanders throughout the 19th century and today.

A series of sporadically violent and radical civilian administrations rued France.

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He was the First Consul of France, then the emperor of France, and finally an outlaw. The Habsburgs also recognized the French annexation of Belgium and the west bank of the Rhine.

Europe was tired of war and the military powers exhausted. Although the French overran Belgium and western Germany, the coalition retained the capacity to withstand the French until the diplomatic settlements of He thought deeply about civil society.

Ironically his future enemy Duke of Wellington was also born in Carthage is a city built on trade, especially overseas trade, and as such they built a substantial navy to complement that Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the greatest military leaders and Emperor of France, was born on August 15, in Corsica.

They were very smart during battle.

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Without the British fleet there would have been no blockade of French annd other continental ports and thus less need for an invasion of Russia.

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