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Pardun, C. The results of his study indicated that regular social media usage in adolescents correspond to symptoms of many disorders, including narcissism, antisocial personality disorder, bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. Additionally, many youth have access to the media within the walls of their own bedrooms. They use social media to Tweet, post photos on Instagram and Facebook. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Chamberlain, These findings reinforce data from other studies which show that teens who use social media the heaviest report feeling less fulfilled, often describe themselves as feeling sad or unhappy, routinely report suffering from boredom and get into trouble a lot. But being beautiful is just an imaginary picture. The research topic is about bulimia and the mass media. The study will also include the results of an independently conducted survey which will be analyzed to ascertain what, if any, relationship exists between social media usage and low self-esteem, increased violence and bullying and behavioral changes in adolescent girls. Not only does increased spirituality increase mental, emotional, and physical well being, it also provides an important source of identity and purpose outside of what the media says. Moreover, grade point averages continue to lower the heavier a user engages in social media. Booth, M. Frederickson, B. Fight videos and cell-phone recordings of violent beatings are routinely shared across social media platforms and, more recently, several people were even murdered while streaming live on Facebook, the gruesome videos remaining available to watch indefinitely. To better understand the relationship between social media usage and behavioral changes in adolescent girls, I conducted a survey among parents of girls ages

Kornblum, J. Ensign, Wolf, N. It appears that society has not only accepted this standard, but has increasingly encouraged a more sexualized representation of the female body.

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An example of this might be the increasing sexualisation of content in advertising, magazines, television shows and music videos. Although the effects are far less adverse than originally anticipated, it is quite evident that social media usage can have a significant negative influence on the attitudes and behavior of adolescent girls.

Dancing in the hallways of a school and clad in a sexed-up and skimped-down version of the standard plaid-and-button-up ensemble, Spears paraded in her pigtails for her youthful audience's viewing pleasure. Well, the same study determined that through the media alone the typical American adolescent encounters between 10, and 15, sexual references, jokes, and innuendos per year.

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Orr, D. Teenagers are sent the message that it is expected and desirable for them to present themselves as sexual beings, even before they are mature enough to understand the consequences they are facing " Liebau, , p. But three years after the introduction of televisions into Fijian homes, the girls' eating behaviors and attitudes about their bodies had shifted, and rates of eating disorders had increased. There are so many media sights nowadays such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as new magazines, commercials and other media publications made every day that allow people to connect to current events and new trends. Problem Statement In this mobile era, one of unprecedented candor and accessibility, a set of challenges unique to the mobile generation has manifested. This research will hopefully serve as a framework for the formulation of ideas and solutions to confront and overcome those obstacles, not only for those I encounter professionally but for my own children as well. Images of women in general interest and fashion advertisements from to An example of this might be the increasing sexualisation of content in advertising, magazines, television shows and music videos. This project will study the effects of mobile technology and social media usage among adolescents girls. Washington D. Psychology of Popular Media Culture, 2 3 , The researchers, from the University of Essex, looked at data from almost 10, families in the U. Smith, While social media can be used to avoid contact with others, young users often find they are the ones being ignored.

The survey, posed the following questions: 1.

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The Effect of Social Media in Young Girls