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His Atlanta Address of received national attention. Julius Rosenwald Julius Rosenwald — was another self-made wealthy man with whom Washington found common ground.

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State and local governments historically underfunded black schools, although they were ostensibly providing "separate but equal" segregated facilities. He said, "I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has had to overcome while trying to succeed.

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His work greatly helped blacks to achieve education, financial power, and understanding of the U. Washington to join him that night for a simple family supper. In Hampton University dedicated a Booker T.

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In Washington married his Malden sweetheart Fannie M. Washington collapsed in New York City and was brought home to Tuskegee, where he died on November 14, , at the age of Later in Rosenwald provided funds to Tuskegee for a pilot program to build six new small schools in rural Alabama. He developed the ability to persuade wealthy whites, many of them self-made men, to donate money to black causes by appealing to their values. White philanthropists strongly supported education financially. Unsatisfied with his first autobiography, Washington wrote and published another just a year later. Washington continued to expand the school. On one hand, he was openly supportive of African Americans taking a "back seat" to whites, while on the other he secretly financed several court cases challenging segregation. Du Bois. His approach advocated for an initial step toward equal rights, rather than full equality under the law, gaining economic power to back up black demands for political equality in the future. Honors and memorials Main article: List of things named after Booker T. As a result, countless small rural schools were established through Washington's efforts, under programs that continued many years after his death.

Along with rich white men, the black communities helped their communities directly by donating time, money, and labor to schools to match the funds required.

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