Defining informed choice and its examples

One definition of it is the measure of 'fitness' of an individual to act or behave in certain situations.

informed choice in nursing

For example, if you request a planned caesarean section for the sake of convenience, your doctor has the right to refuse to do so. If you decide to withdraw your consent, you and your baby will continue to receive the same quality of care from the health-care team and the hospital. If they are unwilling to be your doctor, they should help you find another one.

If you are a teenage mother, it is important for you and your family to realize that there is no official age of consent for medical procedures. Sage Journals.

how to help patients make informed choices

London: General Medical Council, The person asking you to make this decision must make certain you have a full understanding of the purpose of study, the results expected, how the study works, any risks or benefits, and in the case of a clinical trial, the other treatments available.

After explaining this, you will be asked to make a decision about taking part in the study. The ability to be self-governing and being able to determine one's own personals goals and preferences.

informed consent

Before you are scheduled for a procedure or surgery, you need to decide whether or not the doctor can go ahead.

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Voluntary and Informed Choice