Corporate plan

This enables you to respond to changing circumstances in the economy or the wider market you operate in. The visibility of risks created by the activities of non-prudentially regulated entities will also be enhanced by additional data collected from lenders that are not authorised deposit-taking institutions, following earlier legislative changes to enhance APRA's collection powers.

Think of a corporate plan as a roadmap laying out everything you need to do to achieve your future goals and reach new levels of success. Acceptance of some degree of risk is necessary to foster innovation in business practices.

The Reserve Bank competes with commercial organisations to provide banking services to Australian Government agencies.

Related links. The Reserve Bank faces significant financial risks, largely because it manages Australia's foreign exchange reserves.

corporate planning examples

The Bank distributes banknotes to financial institutions, monitors and maintains banknote quality in circulation and withdraws unfit banknotes from circulation.

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The 5 key components of your corporate plan