Complaint and child care worker

Organise a time to meet Outside of business hours is best so that planned activities are not interrupted. The Division can take administrative action against the program, ranging from a Written Reprimand, to the issuance of a Revocation of a license.

Every complaint alleging a violation of a licensing or certification requirement is investigated, unless the reported situation is not covered by licensing or certification regulation such as a dispute regarding payment or tuition issues. What will the Early Years Inspectorate do with my information?

Your identity cannot be disclosed unless you give written consent or a court grants leave for this to occur. Try to finish the conversation with an understanding about how the situation will be progressed, even if you agree to disagree and decide to move your child to another service.

complaints management in childcare definition

Dealing with these concerns as soon as they come to hand is the best way of ensuring a satisfactory outcome for you, your child and the care provider. Some examples of issues that might be reported include children not being fed nutritious meals, lack of supervision, or the program seems to be exceeding child to staff ratios.

The register can provide valuable information to the General Manager on meeting the needs of children and families at the service. The licensing phone number or a list of local offices will be listed on our State by State Resource Map.

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Dealing with Complaints