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I noticed that the people shaking hands — all of them — had huge smiles on their faces and looked genuinely happy. The Priests and other ministers, readers and altar servers slowly walked towards the table of the parish family, which is the altar of sacrifice.

My second impression and something that I immediately adored about the church was its beauty and cleanliness. Gaines argues for the most part that during the nineteenth-century racial uplift ideology was part of a "liberation theology" as stated by Gaines, which stressed a group struggle for freedom and social advancement The nature of this leadership is in its influencing process and its resulting outcomes.

At the time of the Reformation, a segment of the Church had drifted away from its mission to bring Christ and salvation to the world Hymns were vigorously sung throughout the sermon making the presence of God heartfelt throughout the Mass. Given that it was a special Christian holiday, the church was incredibly crowded.

The outward sign being the absolution or forgiveness of sins the priests grants the sinner and the inward grace the reconciliation of the sinner to God. References Rasmussen, M.

It was a visual statement I could picture a hole in a carpet and it stuck with me. This was the first time I ever attended an actual Sunday morning service that was Catholic, and I found it to be quite the interesting experience, even though it was not as unusual for me as I had originally presumed it would be.

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The catholic experience dedicated little time for preaching and more time for other activities. Time was an important factor as everything was done on time and the service followed the pamphlet they gave me when entering and the service ended at the time scheduled.

I visited Celebration Church on Easter Sunday

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Baptist Church Visit Essay