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The BS is too easy to sling.

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Needs aren't just physical. Or the promise might be something as straightforward as the company understands what you, the customer, is going through and can actually help. Using Duracell Canada as the example again, there's an implicit promise that the company believes in the idea that people need each other and should pull together.

In my opinion, the problem was indeed a marketing problem — but not the one the team leader identified. Always offer something real. Is there something they want that they're not even conscious of yet?

Before considering your brand, ask what your potential customers are trying to achieve.

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You're trying to use people. In fact, much of what people want is emotional. Instead, look at what people emotionally want in a bigger sense. You'll never be loved. One team did particularly badly and they were invited by a furious Sir Alan to explain themselves. Is there something they want that they're not even conscious of yet? Understand your customers and their needs. Where do they have difficulties? Marketing 3 Ways to Make Your Marketing Stick Don't waste your money and time with brand advertising that can't deliver a return on your investment. That perception includes quality of products, degree of customer service , reputation, value, and relation to the greater community.

Ultimately an effective brand campaign can't be theoretical. Needless to say, the French customers refused to buy. So get them. In direct, you try to move people along the sales process. Of course, this puts you squarely in the hot seat.

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