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And we are keen to make sure that we are in direct contact with trustees, so that trustees get our updated guidance as it comes out. Since then we have convened a meeting of senior leaders in charities to talk about joint work in the sector and spoken with a number of other charities about how to address this very serious issue. And the House of Lords is looking at Sustaining the Charity Sector and the associated challenges of governance — and should report next year. We need your creative input on how to get best practice applied across the sector. We need to work on this together. You may also want to get involved in the conversations about governance in the Governance Code review , at the House of Lords , or with Cass Business School. Sector organisations and initiatives Fraud Advisory Panel The Fraud Advisory Panel is an independent voice of the counter-fraud community. Operation Signature Operation Signature West Sussex Police is the force campaign to identify and support vulnerable victims of fraud within Sussex. However, take care! Update your charity details here so we have all your Trustee email addresses. However it also told us what gives people trust.

One key aspect raised in this respect was management, or governance, in charities. However, take care! What can charities and trustees do?

They are NOT a professional opinion or a full and comprehensive guide to Charity Law and all the associated regulations. Its stated mission is to make the UK the safest place to live and do business online.

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Charity Finance Group CFG champions best practice in financial management within the charity and voluntary sector. While we work on this, we are also supporting other initiatives in the sector.

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It provides factual and easy-to-understand information about online safety. National Trading Standards NTS Scams team provides advice and guidance to charities to ensure that charities and their donors are protected from fraud.

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It has a division which is directly responsible for charities and the wider public. A lot of the time we see basic mistakes. Could some of your trustees work with other charities, applying peer-to-peer learning? We need to work on this together. What did you need to make your team work? While we continue to offer speakers and training wherever possible, we will be looking into video over the next year to get a better reach for our guidance. How did you do it well? They are just a simple overview of the main points for those who want to set up a small charity to serve their local community or to help those with a particular area of need. The Scope of These Guidance Leaflets This series of leaflet is intended to give you just a quick overview of the things that you will need to take into account in setting up a new small charity. It champions best practice and works to improve fraud awareness, and build sector resilience. However, take care!
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Charity Commission publishes accounts templates pack for small charitable companies