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Who gives me resilience and validation?

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Raw Data Introduction Through CareerExplorer's career test, we collect career history and corresponding satisfaction ratings from our users to give them better career recommendations. A dissatisfied employee expresses her negative perceptions more in external forums than internal ones, for fear of repercussion.

Shaw, and was even the CEO of an internet startup focusing on immigration issues.

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We require a minimum sample of 20 career histories aka 20 users who have rated the career along all 5 dimensions in order to include it in our analysis and present it on this page.

Overall: I looked forward to going to work. One theory is that the whole of career satisfaction is essentially the sum of the parts of components like compensation, working hours, and interest in the work.

Being aware of how your job is directly supporting a larger outcome could encourage you to stay engaged and remain motivated. Importance of Employee Satisfaction Employee satisfaction or job satisfaction is one of the key goals of all HR personnel irrespective of what their individual KRAs are.

Pro tip: Don't let peer pressure dictate that you take a vow of near-term poverty.

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What brings out my best? When researchers ask people to look back over their lives and indicate how satisfied they are with their careers, several assumptions are usually made.

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Why Job Satisfaction is So Important for an Employee