Career aspiration on medical field

But you might be surprised at how many opportunities there are.

career aspirations of a doctor

I love the aspect of interacting with people in medicine. There will be people you meet whose stories and lives inspire you to learn more, work harder and always do your best. Ever since then, my eczema hasn't come to haunt me.

jobs in the medical field that pay well

I learnt that hospitals aren't glamorous, are often heart wrenching, and that being a doctor requires an immense amount of innate applied and social skill, both of which I genuinely feel I possess.

If you want to provide direct patient care, you can work in a variety of jobs, such as a doctor, nurse, physician assistant or therapist.

Career aspiration on medical field

Rather, I look up to doctors who have changed peoples' lives. Meeting Interesting People Many jobs in the medical field, such as therapists, nurses and doctors involve patient care.

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Determinants of career aspirations of medical students in southern China