Body language in cultures

By comparison, in the high-contact cultures of the Middle East, Latin America, and southern Europe, physical touch is a big part of socialising. The Chinese can count up to ten with just one hand, the French start with the thumb and end with the pinky, and Americans start with the pinky and end with the thumb.

Common Cross-Cultural Differences When you are dealing with people from different cultures, you should both understand that perceived insults are often entirely unintentional.

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Your boss then comments in a firm, steady voice: 'We should look at the details of this again'. There are others in the meeting and there is a big power distance between you, especially as the organisation is quite hierarchical.

In many Mediterranean and Latin countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Spain, Italy and Portugal, to make this sign at someone is to tell them that their spouse is cheating on them.

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In this case, the leader seems to project that she is serious, careful, detailed and in control. President George W.

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How to understand body language in different cultures