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Water from the river Narmada will be used for manufacturing mineral water, which will be marketed in bottles and pouches.

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The survey has been analyzed by presenting it in the form of graphs and tables and based on it the interpretations have been made for the same. Prakash Patel for guiding me and other faculty members and staff of the institute who co-cordially helped me about morally and provided me all the academic and other information required for this industrial training. This survey is useful for the company to know that to what extent the retailers are satisfied towards the milk that they area provided. A 12 kms pipeline has been laid to pump water from the Narmada. In , Baroda dairy received certificate from Gujarat Safety Council for the various safety measures adopted at all the units. Satisfaction is a persons feelings of pleasure of disappointment resulting from comparing a products perceived performance in relation to his or her expectations. I am also thankful to Mr. Kanos model of customer satisfaction distinguishes six categories of quality attributes, from which the first three actually influence customer satisfaction: 1.

Satisfaction of customer is essential for retention of customers and for continuous sales of the products and services of the company to customers.

A detail study of Marketing has been made so as to get a clear view of the working of each of them.

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It helped me to apply theoretical knowledge into practical experience, working with all kinds of perishable commodities. This will be fruitful for our business development. Therefore, consumer satisfaction is very important to every business person. Background of the Study Many multinational companies have been endeavoring for their existence in milk business due to liberalized world market arrangements.

A great knowledge comes from better book education and a good experience. Indifferent attributes. The main mission of the Baroda dairy is to assure and safeguard the interest of the both nominal consumer of milk in city area and supplier of rural areas.

The results and findings have also been made for the organization to help management in their decision. And hence a survey to know the Availability fo Baroda Dairys milk has been undertaken.

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