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In boulders and coral it may hold by acting as a hook. The duty officer acts as the eye of the Master in anchoring; hence every single status of the operation should be updated to the Master. Anchor lights: The riding lights required to be carried by vessels at anchor. It was intended to address some of the problems of the only general-purpose option then available, the plough. Primarily designed to set very quickly, then generate high holding power, these new generation anchors mostly proprietary inventions still under patent are becoming popular with users of small to medium-sized vessels. Reporting Reporting is another vital duty of the deck officer in charge of the anchoring operations. All anchors should have chain at least equal to the boat's length. How the anchor should be lowered letting go or walking on gear Preparation for Anchoring Once the officer receives the command to prepare for anchoring, he must check on the following points:- 1. To weigh anchor To take on the weight of the anchor on the boat, in other words to lift the anchor from the sea floor. This knowledge is very important in all anchoring methods The basic anchoring consists of determining the location, dropping the anchor, laying out the scope, setting the hook, and assessing where the vessel ends up. A mushroom anchor will normally sink in the silt to the point where it has displaced its own weight in bottom material, thus greatly increasing its holding power. The ship will seek a location which is sufficiently protected; has suitable holding ground, enough depth at low tide and enough room for the boat to swing.

Once the flukes touch the bottom or chain touches the ground the engines are moved astern or ahead according to the prevailing conditions of wind and current to attain astern momentum with respect to ground, which will stretch the cable.

A cable is at long stay when it is taut and leading down to the water close to the horizontal.

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In moderate conditions the ratio of warp to water depth should be Vessels may carry a number of anchors: bower anchors formerly known as sheet anchors [ citation needed ] are the main anchors used by a vessel and normally carried at the bow of the vessel. To grow: A cable is said to grow in the direction in which it leads outside the hawse pipe. Aboard: In the vessel on the ship. There is little benefit in having a scope of more than The Bruce and its copies, known generically as "claws", have been adopted on smaller boats partly because they stow easily on a bow roller but they are most effective in larger sizes. It uses a stock at the crown to which two large flat triangular flukes are attached. The anchor should be lowered quickly but under control until it is on the bottom see anchor windlass. I try to be accurate and check my information, but mistakes happen. Anchor watch: The detail on deck at night, when at anchor, to safeguard the vessel not necessarily at the anchor; a general watch. The New Testament refers to the Christian's hope as "an anchor of the soul" Hebrews Permanent anchors come in a wide range of types and have no standard form.

A loaded vessel is found to be more responsive to effects of current or tide whereas a vessel in ballast drifts substantially due to wind. Catting and Fishing was the process of securing the anchor.

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Veer Cable, Walk Back- To pay out cable under power i. Attention to be paid to the preferred direction of swing and the anchor on which side to be used. Aloft: Above the upper deck above. Hawse Pipes: They are two pipes on either bow which accommodates the bow anchors. Modern moorings may be anchored by augers , which look and act very much like oversized screws drilled into the seabed, or by barbed metal beams pounded in or even driven in with explosives like pilings, or by a variety of other non-mass means of getting a grip on the bottom. Catting and Fishing was the process of securing the anchor. As the anchor begins to dig in and resist backward force, the engine may be throttled up to get a thorough set.

There is little benefit in having a scope of more than Anchor buoy- A buoy used to indicate the position of the ships anchor when on the bottom.

In rougher conditions it should be up to twice this with the extra length giving more stretch to resist the anchor breaking out. As a proactive and good seamanship practice one should always check the condition of the windlass brake liner before use. Hawse pipe: it is the place where the anchor is stored.

The term aweigh describes an anchor when it is hanging on the rope and is not resting on the bottom.

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Responsibilities of Deck Officer During Anchoring Operation