An introduction to the life of eleanor aquitaine

An introduction to the life of eleanor aquitaine

Weir doesn't discuss the source material, so as a reader you can't know if this was her choice or just inevitable given the material she had to work with. When visiting lands near Ely, which had been laid under a temporary interdict, she was appalled to see human bodies lying unburied in a field because their bishop had deprived them of burial. Becket begins previews at the Theatre Royal on October 20 and has its official first night on October Add to Cart About Eleanor of Aquitaine Renowned in her time for being the most beautiful woman in Europe, the wife of two kings and mother of three, Eleanor of Aquitaine was one of the great heroines of the Middle Ages. She was no shrinking violet, but a tough, capable and resourceful woman who effortlessly wielded authority over men in a male-dominated age, and won their respect. I did enough research to fill several books years before I was ever published, but it was strictly a hobby back then. The court at Poitiers quickly became a center of culture and Eleanor of Aquitaine was reunited with her eldest daughter from her first marriage, Marie. Although she was born in and died in , this mysterious figure who was uniquely both queen of France and of England did not conform to preconceptions of medieval European womanhood. Something to read if you've enjoyed The Lion in Winter and fancy knowing a bit more about that quarrelsome, competitive family. Such visits did occur, yet we know nothing of the personal interactions that took place within the Angevin family during them. He then kneels at the prie-Dieu and prays for God's blessing on the union and an heir to France. Later, when her grandson tried to claim the throne, she supported John. Stretching from the Pyrenees in the south to the Cheviots in the north, their empire was indeed vast.

He explains that he is going on pilgrimage to the Holy Land and that he is leaving Eleanor under the protection of the King of France and in the care of Dangerosa.

Because, my lovely Eleanor, I intend to have you for my wife.

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Henry and Eleanor argued often, but they produced eight children together between and Finally, there is always talk in the media of suitable role models for girls.

And as an historian I probably have an unfair advantage, for many lay people would neither know nor care if a character in a historical drama wore a costume that was 30 years out of period, or spoke in anachronisms. Personally, I view history books, non-fiction or fiction, as a form of escapism.

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Then he rises, blows out his candle, gets into bed and settles down to sleep. Again, she blames Louis. I did enough research to fill several books years before I was ever published, but it was strictly a hobby back then. I have recently ventured into the field of historical fiction writing, in which an author can give rein to flights of fancy wherever the facts are not known. Weir doesn't discuss the source material, so as a reader you can't know if this was her choice Despite the title and the author's stated ambition to write a balanced account of Eleanor - neither on the side lines nor a romantic heroine - this book is best read as a friendly, accessible history of the early Plantagenets. I think it's fantastic - the balance is finally being redressed. She loved music, poetry, and art, and modernized the Paris court. Not one to mope and rest on her laurels, six weeks after her annulment, Eleanor married Henry, Duke of Normandy and grandson to the King of England.

However, the treatmnent of Alys of France is probably very perceptive. This in turn has opened windows into her values and her world that were closed to previous biographers. Why not tell her story, why not remember her as the truly iconic queen she was? Only one candle lights the scene. The action takes place over one Christmas in the s, when Eleanor is summoned from prison to join her feuding husband and sons at Chinon for the festival.

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In my opinion, this is to take an exaggerated romantic view of the subject, and I do not think we should ignore what contemporaries were implying. Why then have historians treated her so meanly?

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Eleanor of Aquitaine by Alison Weir