A review of pet a psychological thriller by carles torrens

A dark psychological thriller with themes of loneliness and obsession, a film that toys with expectations and never goes down the expected route.

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On the bus journey home one night he spots Holly Ksenia Soloa girl he remembers from school, he tries to strike up a conversation with her but she isn't interested and soon smitten Seth becomes obsessed with her, stalking her online,… "The more you think about it the more you remember the parts that you like" - Holly, Jenette McCurdy is not transitioning well to adult acting.

From here it is clear what he has to do to her and the first step is to build a cage. When Seth realized the stories were real, he formulated a plan to save Holly to prevent her from hurting anyone else, claiming that he finally felt a purpose in life. And then there's a twist.

There is a lot to like in the first two acts.

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He follows Holly home, breaks into her apartment, and kidnaps her. Seth extensively researches her online profiles for information and tries to ask her out, but she rebuffs him. Seth maintains that Holly committed the other murders from guilt of not being caught over Claire, but Holly counters that she kills simply because she enjoys it.

Hobbits presents a lot of where-do-we-go-from-here challenges for a performer. He reveals that he knows the truth about her: Holly discovered that Eric had slept with Claire, and confronted her about it during a car ride. Never go full Anthony Perkins, Seth. Famous for major roles in Lost and Lord of the Rings Monaghan amazingly fleshes out a character that is almost invisible to the rest of the world he inhabits.

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Pet: Wenn du etwas liebst, dann lass es nicht los ()