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As you wrap up your pitch, make an argument for investing in your company in this round. What issues do our customers have that our business solves? The winner, announced Oct. How do we tell that story? Anyone can do this. What revenues, customer growth, and other key metrics have you seen? What have you done to connect with customers and explore the issues further? You can do this with penetrating new insight, humor, or controversy. How can we add, and infuse story wherever we can? Regardless of whether you offer a physical product, a software feature, application, or platform, you should candidly define that market reality, and present sales and marketing plans to back up your model. Your biggest goal with your pitch should be to get your investors interested, and then listening and waiting for more. Focus on that, and you can layer in the pieces of more detailed information that you want to convey. What stage round is this? One is planning a run for mayor and secretly loves competitive dance.

She proudly notes that she was responsible for 38 words in the final version of the JOBS legislation, having had the opportunity to participate in the red-lining process of the various drafts.

After your cover financing, include previous investors or advisors who are already in your court. Recommended reads. Why will you win versus the competition? Lida Zlatic of ClassTracksa language learning company that has won two pitch competitions, advises thinking of your pitch as a compelling story you have to tell.

What is the problem being addressed? By doing so, you gain trust and build credibility.

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State your exit strategy To present a polished and professional pitch, practice it. Estimate the Size of the Market Opportunity The market size, or how big the ideal customer base is, will help your potential investors determine how big of an opportunity you are going after. Connect with the judges before engaging the audience. Your audience will see past the flashy numbers right away. This is a good way to wrap up your pitch. Does it have big barriers to entry, a unique technology, or patentable intellectual property? The most important thing you can convey to your audience is passion. For live presentations it should not be too long or too wordy, it should be highly visual. You could probably talk for 5 hours, or 5 days straight about your company. Even traction at an industry level can help. Before you talk to anyone else, know your stuff. I know this is something many of you are dealing with, and I hope that this article gives you the basic outline of what you need to do to succeed. And, how unlikely your audience is to actually listen the entire time you talk, even for just a 5 minute pitch. Headline your vision Company Purpose short and sweet Problem customer pain Solution value prop to customer — great to add real customer stories Why Now history and evolution Market Size who are your target customers Competition honest list Product description and road map Business Model revenue, pricing etc. Develop it in a slide design tool, like powerpoint, for full flexibility in presenting with it.

Your pitch deck needs to be a visual representation of this story. Let us know on Twitter! Key questions to ask during the Story-boarding Stage are: What are the things we want to convey? We oblige, and one by one the group of eight all highly accomplished produce some surprises.

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With her heart set on a law degree, she left Cincinnati for the West coast in her Geo Metro, but never made it to class. What changes or trends affect the size of your market tomorrow? The elevator pitch should concisely summarise your business model and startup vision. Use this slide to emphasize the addressable market. What are the main points? We love to see your ideas and you might see them covered in an upcoming blog or video post. Every presentation must be tailored to its specific audience. Even traction at an industry level can help. What is the valuation or terms if a note? The Problem — 70 seconds After setting the stage, highlight the gap in the market and justify to investors why this problem is worth tackling. Remove this ad space by subscribing. Candace Klein explains the art of the 5 minute pitch to entrepreneurs this week in Salt Lake Clearly Candace is not an individual accustomed to getting turned down. Focus on that, and you can layer in the pieces of more detailed information that you want to convey. Your pitch deck needs to be a visual representation of this story. Who you sell to, how much you charge, and how you plan to serve them are all important aspects of your business model that should not be missed.

What issues do our customers have that our business solves? The winning formula varies according to your personality and delivery style, but here is a guide to get you started on how to maximise that precious five minutes with your investor.

5 minute pitch presentation example
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How to Make it Fit: Writing a 5 minute Investor Pitch (Quick Tips)